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How Podcasts Can Help Leaders

You Want to Start a Podcast But...

4 Business Benefits of Podcasting for Leaders

1. Thought Leadership 

  • Problem: Maintaining authority, showcasing domain expertise & experience
  • How Can Podcasts Help?  Build Leaders' Brand Authority by owning talking points and amplifying messages through influencers and opinion leaders.

2. Create Media 
You Own

  • Problem: Joining the dots of change across multiple departments
  • How Can Podcasts Help? Own media assets that scale across all platforms 24/7. Create evergreen content from senior conversations that continue to connect & engage when they're not there. 

3. Build Ecosystem of Partners

  • Problem: Creating engagement when 90% of value creation lies off payroll
  • How Can Podcasts Help? Showcase stories of tech, distribution and channel partners. Give partners a voice. Combine PR & Marketing resources with partners.

4. Network Engagement

  • Problem: Creating engagement & connectivity in a very noisy media space
  • How Can Podcasts Help?  Create network engagement. Leverage on current network to expand on the connections. Create conversations about subjects that matter.

Podcasting for Leaders Case Studies

Case Study: Asia Tech Podcast

By Graham Brown

Graham Brown is the founder of Pikkal & Co, Asia's largest podcast agency. . He has published over 500 Podcast Episodes, providing insight using the 20 years of entrepreneurial experience he amassed. 

Podcast Objectives -
- Establish himself as an expert in Asia Tech industry
- Leverage on his current network to expand on his connections within Asia
- Create original and evergreen media real estate on the go, which he later re purposes into books

Asia Tech Podcast - Hosted by Graham Brown, Asia Tech Podcast discusses about the dynamic Asian ecosystem, often featuring exciting and experienced guests that will share their knowledge. Episode conversation ranges from discussing about specific Asian markets to analysis on Asia Tech innovations. Meta themes explored include: leadership, technology, Asian Ecosystem etc.
Case Study: Talent Talk Asia 

By Andrea Ross

The Career Establishment is a leading recruitment training service for SMEs, start-ups and Fortune 500. The reputation and growth of the company is very talent-centric and is highly dependant on the founder and her 17 years of experience in the industry.

Podcast Objectives -
- Turn Ross' valuable connections and conversations with key leadership into evergreen content that can be shared across its ecosystem
- Build up Ross' networks in the industry with other leaders
- Establish herself as an expert by demonstrating her experience in the industry and sharing her wealth of knowledge with listeners

Talent Talk Asia - Hosted by Andrea Ross, Founder of TCE, the podcast is a new and exciting approach to talent management and features conversations with some of the most successful recruitment professionals in the industry across Asia. Meta themes explored include: leadership, talent development, recruitment etc.
Case Study: XeroCon Brisbane

By Xero

Xero is the world's largest cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Since their start in 2006, they’ve grown from a handful of small businesses in New Zealand to more than 2 million+ subscribers globally.

Podcast Objectives -
- Create conversations with channel & tech partners to strengthen ecosystem
- Create momentum & consistency around existing offline events
- Foster innovation & communications at all levels of the organisation

XeroCon Brisbane - The XeroCon Brisbane podcast helps you navigate the early years in business, one topic at a time. Along the way, we’ll share top tips and things to watch out for in that first year on your own. From financial advice to paying staff and staying calm. Our host Graham Brown talks to business owners about that vital first few years in business and what to expect around every corner.

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Podcasting for Leaders
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